References to our work in Landscaping

We have undertaken several contracts, including an exclusive private garden, which totalled overhalf a million €, in addition to several examples listed below. This highlights the broad spectrum of our work.

1985 redesign of important areas of the magigpark Verden.

1987 design of some areas of the Serengeti Park Hodenhagen.

1988 exclusive for several years design and construction of car parks
Sales buildings, lighting, flagging, treatment and drainage,
and planting in the whole of northern Germany for
Military Car Sales Frankfurt.

Redesigning of the paving, with tree and hedge planting. Supplying 45 Emperor Linden
trees for the Old Market in Achim.

Grounds of the School of Music Achim, all surrounding arrears.

1990 parking lot and stairs of the St. Lawrence Church. Achim.
Site restoration of street trees including Substratesuction for the city of Verden.

1992 For several years, the replacement of childrens sand pits at all municipal nursery schools and
playgrounds in Verden.

1993 foreign investment in the company OZET Lilienthal / Bremen including stormwater detention
basins, water-bound covers and drainage.

1994 986 m cables, 1891 m conduit for the transfer BSAG in Julius Brecht Avenue in Bremen.

1996 redesign of the interchange station for the BSAG Gröpelingen Bremen.
Extensive tree felling and clearing during the construction of the line 6 BSAG.

2000 Design of the exterior surfaces from Gille-Jensen in Bremen.

2001 Design of the parking lot of Möbelhauses Schalet store in Stuhr, with fountains, and planting
and maintenance of the inner pond.

2002 Design of the courtyard from Hansa Flex in Bremen on the roof.

2003 Foreign investments in new buildings from Hansa Flex Oyten establishment.

Playgrounds in 2004 in Verden /Walle.

2005 production of the gauge to the road safety management
in the public sector, by removing dead wood and
Crown pruning of oaks Eissele the road in Verden.

Compensation measures for the wind farm Blender II on several acres, planting, wildlife
fences, orchards for Gamesa.

2006 Wind Mountain State Park North / South planting of 6.8 hectares, forest land, planting of
hedges, 6km fence for Enercon.

2007 Bridge construction on the B218 near Osnabrück for company Strabag.

Extensive Roof Gardens in Verden for Fa Sybresco.

Parking and outdoor facilities for multi-family house in the old town of Verden, “Behind the
Wall”, from Sybresco.

2009 6 bridges on the A27, stairs, excavation, fence building grass pavers, lawns, paving and tree

2010 Cable laying and Turfing from judges Solar GmbH & Co KG Stuhr.
Karlsen beautiful gardens