Horticulture and Gardens

A garden is a small part of this world, together we will make it a better place.

Developement. Do you need your garden to be recreated?


Transformation. Do you need to expand,transform or change?

We help you ask the right questions, enabling you to find the right answers.

One of the most important, just as often forgotten questions is :
How much time do I have/can I spend a week in the garden? 

Grünanlage - Schönere Gärten - Gartenbau Karlsen - zum vergrößern - anclicken ::

The answer to this question and the consideration of your time, is a far more important factor, than the composition of the flower colours in a flower bed.

Use our 20 years experience to design your perfect green environment. Laying a cable is fast and easy, for later use for garden lighting or for a garden decoration.

Garden irrigation systems cost nowadays less than €1000, but saves you a lot of gardening during dry periods.

The right garden soil, with humus active soil organisms, weed free and screened, is the backbone and foundation for a healthy green garden.

Gartenbau - Gartengestaltung - Rollrasen - RasenThe correct choice of garden plants and the composition of the garden design, can be preventative to weed growth.
Thus greatly simplifying the gardening.
Forget expensive and unessessary pesticides and fertilizers, have Nature work for you and relax!

Horticulture with right advise and an eye for your priorities, you can have fun in the garden. 

A garden is properly developed if it brings you peace and relaxation, and not when it takes up too much of your time.

Of course ,we also advise you about the most appropriate of your garden tools. On request we will maintain your garden regularly and proffesionally.